We are a group of psychiatrists dedicated to providing holistic treatment to our clients. We provide initial assessments, diagnosis and prescribe medical treatments.

We can also provide psychological therapies and also refer you for further psychological and counselling help. We also work with a team of other professionals which include nurses, counsellors, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and health care assistants. We are here to also support you during a crisis and refer you to the relevant home treatment teams.

We are experienced psychiatrists who have been practising for more than 10 years in the NHS and the private sector. We have received excellent feedback from our clients in the uk and worldwide.



We have worked and trained with the leading specialists in the psychiatry specialities like Professor Fabriano Schifano (addictions) , Dr David Veale (Obssessive compulsive disorder ) , Professor Simon Baron Cohen ( Autism and Aspergers), Professor Tony Holland (learning disability). We have also attended workshops, and courses with the leading specialists like Professor Stahl, Human givens Richard Bandler , NLP Paul MkKenna . Our doctors have attended coaching course by Tony Robbins to unleash the giant with in and thus help you unleash the happiness within. Tony Robbins approach has been endorsed by Oprah Winfrey, Serena Williams, Hugh Jackman and he’s the go to for many people with emotional difficulties , celebrities and politicians. Thus you can be assured your happiness coaching experts are highly skilled and highly trained.

We have been featured in local newspapers , blogs, radio and television. If you are looking for a therapist and psychiatrist to listen to you as well as assist you through your current emotional difficulties and mental illness then look no further, we at happiness psychiatrists are able to help you to ensure your happiness and well being and recovery. We offer an initial 15 minute free telephone consultation and then arrange the next session and package tailored to your needs.